Danna Paola reveals in ‘El Hormiguero’ why she left ‘Elite’: ‘It was hard’

Danna Paola has visited this Monday for the first time ‘The Hormiguero‘ To present ‘K.O.‘, His fifth studio album. The Mexican singer and actress has spoken with Pablo Motorcycles about this new work, about love and about aspects of Spanish and Mexican cultures. But, in addition, the artist, known in Spain for her participation in ‘Elite‘ What Lucrecia, has unveiled why did you decide not to continue in the fourth season of the hit series.

The young woman from 25 years He began his interview with a message of thanks to the program. “I am very excited. I arrived on Saturday, I really wanted to go back and for me it is an honor to be on a live program for the first time [en España]”, The actress assured the presenter of‘ El Hormiguero ’, before beginning to talk about her new album.

‘K.O.’ was released on January 13 and consists of twelve pop songs written in full by Danna Paola. “Creating this album was a very special process for me. I wrote part of it in Madrid and for me it is a super emotional album. Is to lift the broken heart and turn it into art, into music. It’s my way of draining and doing therapy. And I can only say thank you because they have hugged him a lot (…). It was a great process and the quarantine helped me a lot to be able to finish it. And it has come out and all my feelings are there ”, explained the singer in the Antena 3 space.

Danna Paola in ‘El Hormiguero’.

Danna Paola: “’ K.O. ’is to lift the broken heart and turn it into art”

The Mexican artist has mentioned broken hearts because, as she herself has revealed, she began to write music due to heartbreak. “2017 was the most crucial and most intense year of my life. I think at that time I experienced a very ‘heavy’ depression, they broke my heart”, The guest has begun to explain, who has revealed that it was thanks to a friend of hers who was also a producer that he dared to start writing. “I said ‘well, I need to write down my feelings now.’ And I wrote ‘Two Strangers’, which was my first song. It was incredible, a way to find … to drain, to cry“, Confessed the young woman, who has recognized that at that time she was going”very bad in love”.

“Did you ever fall in love with someone knowing that you were shitting it?” Motos asked then. “Yes, obviously, my whole life. But good songs have come out of that. One thing for the other. But that’s it, I think that’s what life is about, experimenting. The people who pass through your life are teachers, they are apprenticeships and that is why today I am the woman who I am ”, the Mexican replied, very sincerely.

Danna Paola has also sent a message to all those people who are going through a break: “I think we can all afford to be wrong. You don’t have to run away from those feelings (…). Pass that duel, that process. I think the point is ‘allow yourself to be wrong’. Analyze if this person came through your life for something. And that no one deserves ordinary love (…). And celebrate it because when a person grows from a broken heart is when he best learns and matures”.

Danna Paola in 'El Hormiguero'.
Danna Paola in ‘El Hormiguero’.

The reason why Danna Paola left ‘Elite’: “For the first time I gave music a chance”

But the interview has not only focused on music. The host of ‘El Hormiguero’ and the star guest of the night have also been talking about the Spanish and Mexican cultures and the participation of the interpreter in ‘Elite’, the hit Netflix fiction. Danna Paola participated in the first three seasons of the series but it is not part of the cast of the next installment. The reason? “It was hard”, The young woman has advanced.

“Just when we started talking about the fourth season of‘ Elite ’we already knew how the story was going to end. I used to play ‘Hannah Montana’ because I divided my life in three. She was an actress and a singer at the same time”, Explained the Mexican. “I was composing and I threw‘Notoriety‘(2019), which has been a’ boom ‘(…). I like to work and give my one hundred percent in my work because I am a very perfectionist. And I couldn’t divide myself in two. I would leave the filming of ‘Elite’ and then go to the studio and come home and have interviews to do. (…) One weekend I had to go to Miami and I did not arrive because I fell asleep. It was difficult to lead that double life ”, acknowledged the guest.

Finally, the artist chose to prioritize her role as a singer for the first time. “I said, ‘I think for the first time I have to give my music a try.’ For the first time he was composing good music. Sometimes it was hard for me to believe it, until I understood what he was capable of and then I had to say no to ‘Elite 4’”, The singer has revealed.