Dani Rovira speaks out on the consumption of meat and everyone reminds him of this

The statements of Alberto Garzon on the consumption of meat and the subsequent response of Pedro Sanchez, President of the Government, they continue to bring a queue. The ministers surprised everyone with a campaign in which he asked to moderate the consumption of meat: “It harms our individual health and the planet.”

Along these lines, there have been many famous people who have positioned themselves around this great controversy. One of the last to speak was Dani Rovira. The popular actor has addressed his account Twitter to tell your opinion.

Through a series of messages, he has made it clear that “my veganism It goes through an awareness and commitment to leave a habitable planet for yours. It is exhausting that we have to be the ones who are forced to argue that we do not participate in animal exploitation and ecological disaster ”.

“There is an impeccable reality, and it is that the planet is everyone’s home. Let’s reflect on whether we want to be on the side of “saving the convent” or on the side of “shitting ourselves inside” ”, he ends writing, after explaining how he came to consider stopping eating meat.

But despite this, the Andalusian has received many criticisms. Many have been the followers who have reminded him of an advertising campaign he did for the brand Yatekomo.

“Dani Rovira is vegan and is giving lessons in moral superiority, but charges a fee for advertising Yatekomo, which not only contains meat but is packaged in plastic ”, writes a user. Another of them, he assures, with irony that “it is better to eat Yatekomo”.