Dani Castellano and Tana, news on the list for Albacete

The defender Dani Castellano and the attacker Tanausú Domínguez ‘Tana’ are the two novelties, with respect to the call against Lugo, with which the UD Las Palmas travels to Albacete to play this Wednesday at the Carlos Belmonte stadium.

Dani Castellano was discharged last week after recovering from a break in his right femoral biceps, while Tana had been ruled out by Pepe Mel’s technical decision in the past two games.

Both footballers replace defender Aythami Artiles and midfielder Fabio González in the 24-man squad, punished for accumulating cards. And the Catalan goalkeeper Álex Domínguez, from the subsidiary, joins this trip again as a third goalkeeper.

The players who move are the goalkeepers Josep Martínez, Álvaro Valles and Álex Domínguez; defenders Mauricio Lemos, De la Bella, Álex Suárez, Mantovani, Eric Curbelo and Dani Castellano; midfielders Aridai, Benito, Narváez, Fede Varela, Javi Castellano, Ruiz de Galarreta, Kirian, Tana, Srnic, Clau Mendes, Pedri, Josemi and Pablo Haro; and forwards Rubén Castro and Cristian López.