Daily Mail: The binding agreement of the founders of the Superliga was for three years

As published on Wednesday ‘Daily Mail’, the binding agreement between the twelve founding partners of the Super league It had a duration of three years, according to a clause established a contract that had a total duration of 23 seasons.

That is, in theory none of them could break it during the first three of that time period. The British newspaper wonders if given the immediacy with which the project has collapsed, the aforementioned clause will give the right to clubs that have not abandoned the project receive compensation by those who have officially abandoned it. That is something the lawyers are studying.

The fact is that, as explained in the information, each of the 12 clubs that launched the initiative bought shares worth 8 million pounds (about 9’2 ” euros). It is also unclear if any of that amount will be returned to them.

In the case of Premier League And in the six clubs as a whole there were 48 million pounds invested (about 55 euros), which have served in part to create the infrastructure of the competition, renegotiate with the broadcasters and sponsors, and to pay legal fees. It is also unknown what exact amount had been spent so far and how much they have recovered.