Cutrone is once again the discard of Voro

The front Patrick Cutrone will once again be the technical discard from the Valencia coach Voro Gonzalez for the meeting this Saturday in the field of Huesca, in a call in which neither will be due to physical problems Jason Remeseiro.

Those called up are Jaume Doménech and Cillessen as goalkeepers along with Piccini, Thierry, Gabriel Paulista, Mangala, Ferro, Diakhaby, Hugo Guillamón, Gayà, Lato, Wass, Musah, Álex Blanco, Carlos Soler, Racic, Oliva, Cheryshev, Manu Vallejo, Guedes, Kang In Lee, Gameiro and Maxi Gómez.

Voro who has not summoned Cutrone in any of the four meetings he has directed, ruled out that there is any problem with the Italian striker.