Cuspinera: ‘It will be important not to allow easy baskets in the open field’

Jota Cuspinera, coach of the Movistar Students, commented that it will not be “an easy game” against him Casademont Zaragoza and he warned that “it will be important not to allow easy baskets to hit the field.”

“Every game is an opportunity to score a victory. It is not an easy game, Casademont Zaragoza He’s on the upline and we’re coming off a loss against him Joventut, where we were about to get into the game in the last minutes, but in which a series of mistakes made us have no chance of winning, “he commented Cuspinera.

“We are going to see how we react emotionally to a team that arrives in good dynamics,” added the coach in statements provided by the club.

In the rival analysis, Cuspinera highlighted that “a Saragossa They like to run a lot, they are a very dangerous team in those fast transitions and with good penetrators, with players who travel the entire field with the ball. Even position 3 and 4 players who can rebound and break it. “

“We will have to be very attentive to Sulaimon, Dylan ennis, Barreiro, Brussino, his fours like Harris Y Wiley… People who can run and run well; and obviously one of the important factors will be not allowing them to put easy baskets in the open field, “concluded Jota. Cuspinera.