Curry silenced the Kings with these two triples from home

The Steph Curry’s shooting range it has never been a secret to anyone. In the NBA, you know very well that if you leave it half a meter, it will plug it. What you do not expect is that it is able to do it practically From your home.

Last night the Kings experienced the nightmare of defending Curry in the first person. Two impossible triples who threw the Warriors to their neighbors, despite Sacramento’s defense.

The first came after just a few minutes of the game. The point guard lost control of the ball and had to shoot with few seconds on the clock from the logo
central. Obviously, it came in.

The second occurred shortly before the break. Curry let the ball roll down the side after a goal kick and just a few meters after crossing the midfield, he set up the shot and hit a long-range triple that silenced the Kings.