‘Cuéntame’ announces three new signings

Actors Adrià Collado, Chani Martín and Betiza Bismarck have joined the filming of “Tell me how it happened” and will join the list of characters in the iconic series starring Ana Duato and Imanol Arias who is currently filming her 21st season.

TVE has reported through a statement that in the next chapters, followers of the fiction of La 1 will meet the new characters of the plot which tells the story of the Alcántara family.

Adrià Collado (“Servir y Protecte”, “Diarios de la Cuarentena”), who has recorded his first sequences these days, will become Berto Zaldívar, a sophisticated fashion professional who, in 1993, will be Mercedes’ cicerone (Ana Duato) in the world of haute couture.

Chani Martin (“La sonata del silencio”, “Victor Ros”), who starred in Javier Fesser’s latest film, “Lamentable stories”, will play the role of Gálvez, a police inspector.

And for her part, the actress Betiza Bismarck (“Yuli”, “Once upon a time in Euskadi”) will play Caridad, an immigrant who begins to work in Mercedes’s workshop and whose plot will evoke the arrival of immigrants from Latin America in the nineties.