Crushing result of the MD survey on the fear of the athletics to referee

The precedents, the history, the controversy that arose this week as a result of the statements, later rectified by Velasco Carballo, president of the CTA (Technical Committee of Referees) and that originated the discontent that made public of Miguel Angel Gil Marin
… Several reasons are what lead to the fans of Atlético de Madrid to fear arbitration in Sunday’s derby against him Real Madrid.

This is indicated by the survey carried out by Mundo Deportivo on its website, which shows overwhelming results. Because 98’5% of the participants answered affirmatively to the question of whether the Atléticos have reasons to fear the refereeing of the derby. Only 50 of the 3,500 participants believe there is no reason to fear.

The referee of the meeting will be Hernandez Hernandez, of the Canary Committee. A designation that has not sat at all well in the Madrid environment, claiming that the Lanzarote team has sent off white players four times and that the results with their arbitrations have not been the best for the Bernabéu team. -Leonese Gonzalez gonzalez.