Criticism of politicians for Atlético’s celebrations

Several political positions have sanctioned the crowds in the celebrations of the
Atlético de Madrid.

The acting Minister of Justice and the Interior, Enrique
Lopez, has regretted the crowds of the celebration of the title of the Atlético de Madrid this Saturday due to the risk of contagion, like the mayor Martinez-Almeida, which nevertheless highlighted the absence of incidents and thanked the police forces for their work. Policeman and of the Government Delegation.

According to López, although the “joy” of winning a soccer league is understandable, we must “regret the crowds” that occurred because they generate “risk” for public health at a time of pandemic in which “although we are winning the battle , people continue to die in hospitals ”, he said this Monday at an informative breakfast.

For this reason, the acting counselor has called for a “greater degree of responsibility, both to the fans and to the club”, and has lamented the death in an accident of a 14-year-old fan, calling the event a “dramatic event” and underlining that the judges will decide the nature of the act.


Along the same lines, the deputy mayor Begoña
Villacís has considered that “it is true that the light is already seen at the end of the tunnel” and that people have “the feeling that this is ending, but it only ends when the health authorities say it is over”, so ” It is not the best time to put oneself at risk ”, he warned after participating in an act in Vicálvaro.

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has recognized that “there were crowds”, something that “we do not like to see” in a pandemic, but stressed that the “positive” of the celebration of the title was that “there were no incidents or altercations, there were no made beyond those that can occur as a result of the agglomeration of so many people “.

The Municipal police perimeter the Neptune Square and controlled the accesses and, therefore, “from our point of view and the town hall at all times we try to control that the agglomeration did not pose a serious risk as a result of it, ”Almeida told the media after speaking at an event this Monday.

Finally, the mayor congratulated the bodies of Municipal police Y National Police, as well as the Government Delegation
or “For the work they have done.”