Cristoforo: ‘There are seven finals and we have to keep winning’

Girona is in the best moment of the season. And so they know it in the dressing room and they have it very clear. “I think it has been a year of many ups and downs but right now the team is at its best and the players are performing at a very high level,” said Cristoforo, Girona midfielder at a press conference.

The Catalan team is now four points from the promotion playoff and with great sensations after having added ten of the last fifteen points. “The reality is that there is less and less. We have seven finals left and we want to win it all. We depend on others right now, but we focus on ourselves and continue in this line “, warned the Uruguayan, who when talking about the calendar that awaits the team and its rivals made it clear that” at this time everyone is playing many things. Some above and others below, but all the teams want to score victories ”.

Cristoforo, who as the team has gone through good and bad times this season, acknowledged that he is “satisfied” to be able “to help the team from within the field in the last games.” “I think the coach trusts everyone and this shows in training. We all want to play and the atmosphere is good. This is key for the final section ”, indicated the Uruguayan.

Nursing Earrings

In Girona the good news comes in terms of results, but not in the infirmary. Samu Saiz and Pablo Moreno remain doubtful due to injury. Valery and Franquesa are still waiting to test negative in the Covid test and Bueno, Gumbau and Aday will be low due to accumulation of yellows.