Cristina Saavedra’s brutal anger after the chaos of Depor-Fuenlabrada

Cristina Saavedra, presenter of Sex La Sexta Noticias ’, has shown her outrage via Twitter after, she claims, the Fuenlabrada travel to A Coruña to play against Sports despite the fact that four members of that team had tested positive for coronavirus. Finally, the party was not held because
eight people from the expedition tested positive. However, La Liga decided do not postpone the last day Second Division, so Deportivo went down despite not being able to play.

Saavedra is a fan of the Galician team. That is why he did not hesitate to complain via Twitter about the situation and, specifically, that all the infected from the Madrid team arrived at the airport, were in contact with the crew and went to a hotel. “Hotel with staff working and with clients. Hotel where they are now. And where do clients have to go out of fear”, Wrote the journalist on Twitter. “All very well, no? Scoundrels“Added Saavedra.

Cristina Saavedra, on Twitter: “Sinvergüenzas”

For his part, the president of Deportivo de la Coruña, Fernando Vidal, appeared at a press conference after confirming the descent of his club to Second B. “The normal thing was to postpone all the games. I understood what they were going to do but here there is a total adulteration of the competition because the principle of equality has been broken“Said Vidal, who announced that they will go to the” highest levels “to defend their position. “We are going to go for all, I do not consider myself descended“Said Vidal, who will claim the three points for the rival’s failure to appear.

We are going to denounce La Liga and we will see what decision we make, if we show up on the day they mark for the game to be played“Commented the president. “It is the height of impudence, shameful, that a team that has breached the protocol can benefit from this situation. What has been done today is regrettable. To get infected you have to break the protocol, there is a negligent attitude and you benefit from this“He said.

Fuenlabrada traveled without knowing the results of the PCR

According to Cadena SER, this Sunday morning the Fuenlabrada was informed that a player had given ‘
altered values
in the last tests, although it is not the same as a positive. But after that, they were made a quick test for all team players, and gave negative.

In addition to these quick tests, several test
PCR and their results were known on Sunday night. Three people, not soccer players, also gave ‘altered values’. Given these inconclusive results, this Monday, before traveling, the entire expedition of the Madrid team underwent a PCR test again. However, took off from Madrid before knowing the results. Already in Coruña, it was known that there was eight people who had tested positive, six players and two more people.