Cristina Saavedra denounces the message received after uploading a photo of Abascal

The VOX act in Vallecas last Wednesday continues to bring a queue. In addition to the incidents caused by the ultra party’s presence in the neighborhood, there are attacks on social networks.

The latest victim of online bullying is Cristina Saavedra. The journalist hung up on her twitter account a significant image in which Santiago Abascal was seen at the lectern with a banner from a neighbor in the background.

Among the many comments the tweet had, there was one especially unpleasant that the journalist decided to share with her followers.

What does Cristinita’s fascist say that the important thing is to remove the cloth from the balcony against Vox, but from the attacks of the NAZIS LIKE HER, quiet as a whore that is“, Said the text, to which Saavedra responded with a”Sure yeah, sweetie. Good night”.

A new sample of the radicalism that is being installed in our society in recent times, especially in social networks.

We recall that the Vox act in Vallecas ended with four people arrested, three of them minors.

When the leaders and supporters of Vox left the Plaza de la Constitución in Vallecas after the rally ended, groups of protesters approached the event and threw bottles and other objects, such as cobblestones, at the audience.

For this reason, 35 people were injured and 21 agents of the National Police went to the Plaza de Vallecas, where there were approximately 500 protesters and about 350 people attending the rally.

As reported by Emergencias Madrid, in the health post installed in Vallecas, 14 people were treated for minor injuries, contusions and abrasions; while three people had to be transferred to the hospital: an officer with a shoulder dislocation, a person with a breach in the scalp and another with a possible hand fracture.

In addition, the National Police charged the protesters on several occasions, firing rubber balls. It is because of these strong scenes of violence that the rally was interrupted on several occasions.