Cristina Pedroche shows a nipple carelessly on Instagram

The videos of Cristina Pedroche placeholder image dancing in Instagram they are a ‘must’ of your account. The ‘Zapeando’ collaborator delights her fans daily with images of her moving to the rhythm of the music, perfectly showing her choice of clothing.

This week, the presenter chose an elegant, yet daring, suit with a gray pinstripe. Far from what we are used to when talking about this garment, the jacket she wore had a pronounced neckline down to the navel that, this time, played a trick on her.

In his Instagram stories, Pedroche shared a video in which she herself appeared dancing without realizing that at one point she was inadvertently seeing a nipple. The jacket, being so loose, caused that the moment Dabiz Muñoz’s wife began to move, she was seen more than necessary.

Cristina Pedroche, on Instagram

Just a day later, the young woman shared a publication with the complete outfit labeling the brand, in case someone wants to buy it. “The day is a little gray … but only a little,” he wrote next to the publication.