Cristina Pedroche, on her hardest stage: ‘Dabiz and I had many debts’

The host Cristina Pedroche has talked openly about one of his toughest years in the professional arena. Due to the pandemic of coronavirus, the vallecana and her husband, the prestigious chef Dabiz MunozThey have not been able to open the doors of their businesses for long periods of time and have even permanently closed their restaurant in London.

“You see yourself at home and your debts are accumulating. We had a lot of debts. We considered that it was better to throw a little thing off the boat than for the whole boat to sink ”, the young woman started in an interview for Europa Press.

Pedroche He insisted that “I think we made a very good decision and now we have new projects such as the food truck.” “Things are going very well for us, within what is logically possible,” he added.

On the other hand, the popular television personality transmitted that today she does not consider being a mother since she considers that she has “a very busy life.” “But you never know,” he admitted. “The purpose of my life is not to be a mother, the purpose of my life is to be happy,” she said.

By last, Cristina Pedroche placeholder image She spoke about her desire to be vaccinated as soon as possible. I think you really have to get vaccinated because it is the only way to get out of this. I am looking forward to getting the message. Every time I get a message on my cell phone, I say “Oh!” I will go, put my arm and enchanted with life. Hopefully everyone was vaccinated and did not miss the opportunity because it is the only way out of this, “he said.