Cristina Pedroche is rained with criticism after publishing a nude photo on the snow

This past friday Madrid it was completely snowy because of the storm Filomena, which will leave unpublished temperature records in the center. Faced with such an image, the networks have been filled this weekend with photographs of the capital with a white cloak.

Cristina Pedroche placeholder image She did not hesitate to seize the opportunity and take one of the snapshots that her followers are already accustomed to: completely naked practicing one of the complicated yoga poses.

“We are all speechless looking at how precious the snow is, but it is also very beautiful and important to look inside,” wrote the television station next to the image he published on his account Instagram, in which he is about to reach 3 million followers.

Cristina Pedroche has swept Instagram with this photograph

Although in this social network his fans applauded the courage to take these types of photographs, in Twitter users did not hesitate to criticize the journalist harshly.

Minutes after sharing said post, ‘Cristina Pedroche’ became one of the most talked about trends on this platform. Among the most retweeted messages were some that asked if “can you leave Cristina Pedroche placeholder image trying to get attention just by getting naked and doing the asshole? Others did not hesitate to assure that “can you do something without undressing?”

However, many users also wanted to take it with humor and made the odd meme which also won the applause of the public.