Cristina Pedroche ‘explodes’ after the avalanche of criticism for her last photo: ‘As always …’

The TV presenter Cristina Pedroche placeholder image He has shared on social networks some snapshots in which he appears wearing black shorts that he has combined with a top. The criticisms about her body have not been long in coming and the Vallecana has not hesitated to comment on it.

“As always, I have positive comments and negative comments but I don’t like them very much when they say that I am obsessed with sports and that I am very muscular and nonsense,” the ‘Zapeando’ collaborator began.

Pedroche She explained that “actually in the photo my abdomen is more super hard because of the shadows and such, but yes, I have it hard and I am proud and deep down it is a compliment”. “I am not obsessed with sports, I am obsessed with finding my best version and for me training and eating a balanced diet is part of being my best version,” he insisted.

Then the young woman clarified that “my best version is not the thinnest and most muscular.” “If all of a sudden I get more muscles because I do more strength training, it’s cool,” he added. “Look for your best version and you leave it to the others to look for ours. Live and let live because only then can we all be happy ”.

Finally, the chef’s wife Dabiz Munoz he wanted to make it clear that “I will continue training four or five days a week and eating healthy to find the best Pedroche.”