Cristiano’s renewal ‘is not on the agenda’

The renewal of Cristiano Ronaldo is not on Juventus’ agenda. This was stated by Fabio Paratici, sports director of the transalpine team, before the sad elimination of the ‘bianoconeri’ Champions from the Champions League at the hands of an outnumbered Porto.

The Italian assured that Juve has time to renew the Portuguese, with a contract until June 2022. “He still has a year left on his contract, we have time to talk to him. It’s not on the agenda, ”he told Alessandro Del Piero on Sky Sports.

Del Piero asked again: “Have you ever thought about Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo playing together?” To which Paratici replied with a smile: “Good players are always easy to make play together, but at this time football must make other considerations.”