Cristiano breaks his silence: ‘History cannot be erased’

Since the Juventus was eliminated by the FC Porto in the second round of the Champions last Tuesday, much has been said about a possible return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid. The Portuguese, who has received a lot of criticism from his fans, would have played the keys, especially his representative Jorge Mendes, to feel for a possible return although the truth is that that seems very complicated.

Even more so after the Portuguese broke his silence through his official social media profiles and confirmed that “he is focused on the next challenges with Juventus.” In addition, he also took the opportunity to send a message to all his critics.

“More important than how many falls you suffer in life is how quickly and how hard you recover … True champions never break! Our focus is already on Cagliari, on the Serie A fight, on the Italian Cup final and on everything we can still achieve this season. It is true that the past belongs to museums (I should say!), But fortunately, football has a memory … and so do I! History cannot be erased, it is written every day with endurance, team spirit, perseverance and a lot of hard work. And those who do not understand this, will never achieve glory and success, “said the Portuguese star.