Creepy accident: A pilot is trapped in his burning car after colliding

Moments of panic were those that were lived in a car race that was disputed in Argentina, at the Marcos Juárez circuit. In one of the scoring test moments for the Santa Fe TC2000 Championship, the pilots Hernán Testaseca Y Franco Sanchez collide on the straight. After the impact, Testaseca’s car hits the protections and burns violently.

Sánchez, alarmed when he saw what was happening, ran out until he reached the other pilot to help him, shouting nervously and in panic at one of the workers to rescue him. Seeing the scope of the fire, a spectator from the stands shouts “Open the door! Hit it, crazy, hit it! He pulled out, crazy, pulled out ”.

Open the door! Hit it, crazy, hit it! He drew out, madman, drew out!

After a few minutes of anguish, the workers, with the help of Hernán Testaseca, managed to extract Sánchez from the car, who suffered some burns as a result of the accident, but fortunately he is out of danger.