Courtois: ‘It’s not easy being a Real Madrid goalkeeper’

Thibaut Courtois starred in a new installment of Campo de estrellas, on Realmadrid TV. The Belgian goalkeeper reviewed his career in Belgium, at Atlético de Madrid, Chelsea and his arrival at Real Madrid.

Signing for Real Madrid

“As a child I dreamed of playing for Real Madrid and it is something that I can cross off my wish list. I want to win trophies here, especially the Champions League. After the World Cup they called my representative to say that they were going to negotiate with Chelsea. I was excited and looking forward to it “

His presentation

“My presentation was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. Seeing the Champions League and the fans on the pitch were very happy moments. You feel very special and that is why it is the largest club in the world. I have not seen that way in which they present you in any other team. In Chelsea it is a photo in the sports city and nothing more. Hearing that you are a Madrid player is fantastic ”.

Debut and first season

“I remember it as a good game. They scored a penalty goal for me but it was a nice moment to make my debut, win and start being a Real Madrid player. I knew it was not going to be easy and that there are seasons that can be a little worse but you must not lose your peace of mind. The most important thing as a footballer is not to lose confidence in yourself. Soccer is also played with the head ”.

The 2020 League and stadiums without fans

“We know it was a special league. It was like a small tournament, a sprint. What makes the sport special and beautiful is the people in the stands, that adrenaline rush that is now harder to find. You play for titles but it is different. Now, visiting difficult fields is easier because there is not that support from the stands that teams can have against Real Madrid ”.

The goal of Real Madrid

“It is not easy to be a Real Madrid goalkeeper because there is pressure to stop everything. Also for the goalkeepers who were before. In general, miracles are expected from the whole team, especially at the Bernabéu, where you can see the pressure on the team to win and do well. But that’s why it’s also Real Madrid ”.

How is it as a goalkeeper

“I am a sober goalkeeper and in one-on-one I am also doing well. I have improved my footwork a lot, which was my weak point before and now I am doing very well to play calmly from behind. I am mentally strong and when I lose I can be very pissed off. I like to win and I may be disappointed one day but as a winner you get up and go back to the fight. If you are an elite player you have to have that competitiveness in your body to be at the highest level ”.

Influences and inspirations

“Oliver Kahn had a very disciplined mindset and played a lot on the line. Higuita was the show game and Chilavert with his penalty goals and fouls. Buffon has a lot of good things like his mentality and reflexes. And through Casillas I began to see Real Madrid. He is a great goalkeeper on the line, one of the best in history and a Madrid legend for all the trophies he has achieved. I remember when he debuted and watched his games in the Champions League, also my room was full of football things and had a Real Madrid flag. Van der Sar is a benchmark because he was tall and had a bit of my posture ”.

the beginning

“At first I alternated positions and until I started playing 11 against 11 I was a winger. I like the goal because I loved to shoot like when I played volleyball with my parents. At the age of 11 I had a difficult time because I no longer wanted to be in goal, I wanted to be a field player or do another sport. I was going to switch to volleyball but the registration period passed and I gave football another chance ”.

“At the age of 13 I went to Genk, where there was a special program to train more and raise the level. When I was 14 or 15 years old I hit the stretch and it was difficult at first because the mind is not coordinated with the body and they almost fired me from the team. I was lucky because there was a coach who believed in me and knew it was something temporary ”.