Courtois explodes: ‘It was unfortunate what they did to us’

Thibaut Courtois, Belgian Guard of the Real Madrid, criticized LaLiga this Saturday for forcing them to travel to Pamplona in the middle of the storm and having to play the game against Osasuna and he recalled that they are not “puppets that have to play always” and that, first of all, they have to think about the safety of all those involved.

“We have been able to play, but since The league It is a bit regrettable what they have done to us, (also) to Vallecano Ray and to other teams, I think the storm was long known to happen. Not only for the fact of being able to play, but also yesterday to take off with the runway half frozen, today we cannot return, we still have to go directly to Malaga and the The league it has to think that we are human and that we are not a show that always has to play, “he told Movistar TV.

“We do what they ask us,” he continued, “if they tell us that if you don’t come, you lose all three points, if you see how it is MadridAs the situation is, we have come to the field with the road full of snow, I do not think it is so safe and first of all we have to think about the safety of the people, we have family and we are not puppets that we have to play always ”.

The Belgian international considered that today they made the effort and were concentrated to play the match “but you also have to think about the trips, all the logistics, also for you and the people who are in the field and then have to go home. “He added Courtois, who thanked the Osasuna the work done so that the field was in acceptable condition despite the snowfall.

“Obviously we wanted to win, because after the trip you want to have those three points, but hey, it wasn’t easy today, here it’s always difficult to play, obviously in the icy parts of the field it wasn’t easy to get the ball into circulation, we’ve tried but they know they have defended well and we did not have that clarity to create great chances “, summed up the Belgian international.