Cote: ‘I think that with my personality I fit in well in Osasuna’

The new Osasuna footballer, Jose Angel ‘Cote’, considers that thanks to his personality and his way of being he will fit “well” in his new team, which will start the preseason tomorrow.

Osasuna is a great team, very similar to Eibar and I hope that we continue in the same vein as in recent years. It is a strong and fierce team in front of which the rivals feel uncomfortable ”, has indicated the Asturian during his presentation of telematic form.

Cote explained that Osasuna “bet hard”For his signing and has ensured that he did not hesitate to come to a club that“ resembles ”Eibar in different aspects that have led him to opt for the Navarrese team.

The left side of 31 years He has been sincere about his time at clubs like Porto, Roma or Villarreal: “For me it was a privilege and I will always be proud and grateful to them, but being honest I fit more in these clubs (Eibar and Osasuna)”.

“I am aware of my age and that is why I think that I am a privileged person and that I should be grateful to Osasuna for his efforts to sign me “, has scored a footballer who believes that both he and the Navarrese team maintained” a good harmony “to end up closing their arrival.

The player who will carry the bib number 16 This campaign has told that he spoke with the former Rojillo and Asturian players Adrián López and Jony Rodríguez to find out their opinion about the Rojillo dressing room: “It was easy to make the decision, it has a great fans and I hope to do my best so that the fans feel proud. Hopefully it will be a great year ”.

“You see a healthy and transparent club. In terms of football, you can also appreciate the good atmosphere on the green and, obviously, the way of playing ”, Cote stressed about the appearance that Osasuna shows from outside.

I always liked this field. The fans are close and always push, but with this work I think it is going up a notch. Seeing it full will be very nice and it will be difficult for them to beat us ”, said Cote about the reformed Sadar.