Correa’s ‘puntín’ that was worth half the league: ‘Simeone always tells me to hit her’

The Argentine forward of
Atlético de Madrid Ángel Correa
, scorer of the first goal of the rojiblanco team’s comeback against the Valladolid (1-2) with which he confirmed the title of The league 2020-21, explained that his coach, Diego Pablo Simeone He always tells him “don’t think about it, hit him with the tip”, the way he scored 1-1 in the Jose Zorrilla.

“He always tells me not to think about it, to hit him with the tip (Simeone I had called it ‘puntín’), in small training sessions I try to define that way, luckily I am good at it, today I was able to achieve it, we tied the game and we worked well and we were able to turn it around, ”he said. strap in statements to ‘Movistar
The league‘After the match.

“The truth is that I have been here for many years, this is the (season) that has given me the best, I have played more as a starter, that is thanks to the work I had been doing in previous years with the help of colleagues who are the best and from the coaching staff who always trusted me, and that is proven there ”, he added.

strap He assured that they were not afraid of losing the tournament when their pursuers subtracted the 11 points that they came to have difference.

“No, you doubt no, because we knew it was not going to be easy, this League is competing against Real Madrid and Barcelona and we knew it was not going to be easy and the good thing is that we were always ahead, we never lost that and that is what it gave us strength, ”he explained.

The Argentine forward praised the fans, with several hundred who accompanied them even to the outside of the Joseph
Zorrilla. “The fans we have is incredible, we are in the middle of a pandemic, they risk their lives and their health to come and support us,” he concluded.