Correa’s data that feeds the most superstitious Simeone

Atlético de Madrid
remains in the leadership of The league thanks to his triumph before him Huesca, 2-0. A victory that was opened thanks to the great performance of Ángel Correa, one more game.

Diego Pablo Simeone’s team responded to the pressure of the leadership and to which his pursuers subject him with his second consecutive win obtained in the Metropolitan Wanda against him Huesca.

The streak of Angel
strap He again relieved the rojiblanco team that straightened its course for the final stretch of the season. It is held at the top in the absence of six days for the closing. The three goals in the last two matches of Angel Correa, so decisive last Sunday with the first two goals in the 5-0 against the Eibar like this Thursday with the initial target that opened the 2-0 against the Huesca, maintain the three-point advantage of the Atlético de Madrid.

For the mattress coach it is a great satisfaction that his compatriot is seeing the fruit of his work after that streak of clear opportunities that failed. The Cholo He has always supported the work of Rosario, because for him he does a spectacular job for the team, regardless of whether he is successful or not in front of the door.

However, the question of superstition that weighs on Simeone. He is a coach who repeats liturgies, customs, whenever things go well. Besides having his own hobbies. And in this sense, there is a data of strap That will further reinforce his decision to bet on Rosario beyond his sports performance. And that already has seven goals and is his first time scoring or assisting in three consecutive games as a starter in the competition. And it is that, according to data from Pedro Martin on the Cope Chain, the Argentine striker is a real life insurance for him Athletic. If he scores, the rojiblanco team does not lose. He is the active player who has scored in more First Division games without losing any. They are 30 for him, followed curiously by another rojiblanco, Yannick Carrasco -19 matches-; and of Luke
Vazquez, Kroos Y Modric, all three with 18 games.