Coronavirus vaccine: Salvador Illa: ‘During the first half of next year there will be one or more’

The Minister of Health, savior
Illa, trusts that during the first half of next year there will be “one or more” vaccines available against the COVID-19 and, until then, it will be necessary to coexist with the virus with the existing instruments to control the outbreaks that, in his opinion, are sufficient.

He stated this during the press conference of the Minister council in which he explained that Spain He participates in the Steering Committee to supervise the negotiations with the different potential suppliers of vaccines and has said that the evolution of the investigations is positive.

“We are in a position to be able to say, based on the information we have, that during the first half of next year there will be one or more vaccines available,” announced the Minister of Health, which has not been able to assure if any of them will be a Spanish prototype.

During the first half of next year there will be one or more vaccines

Illa He has appealed to individual responsibility to coexist with the virus up to that time and has ensured that following the recommendations of the health authorities and with the existing instruments – the Royal Decree of New Normality and the Early Response Plan– the epidemic can be kept under control in Spain.

Coronavirus Spain: latest news, new infections and latest outbreaks, live

In his opinion, these two instruments are “sufficient” and have shown that they have enabled communities to detect outbreaks early.

The Minister of Health He recalled that currently there are 362 active outbreaks, of which 70% have fewer than ten associated cases and most of them are linked to family or friends, economic activities such as fruit picking and nightlife, in those that the communities have already taken restrictive measures that Illa has described as “correct”.

64% of new infections, in Catalonia and Aragon

He has detailed that the cases that are detected have two peculiarities; 64% of new infections are referenced to Catalonia and Aragon and more specifically to Barcelona, Lleida and Saragossa, and 60% of the new cases are asymptomatic, which shows that the screening system and active case search works.

The average age of new infections continues to drop, standing at an average of 45 years and hospital pressure remains low “not to say very low” and is at 1.4-1.5% of available capacity, with 215 people in the ICU.

Illa The number of deaths has also been mentioned, which is found in 6 or 7 people in the last days.

With all these data, the assessment of the person responsible for Health is that the instruments available to the communities “are sufficient to keep the pandemic under control.”

It has recognized, however, that the situation in Catalonia and Aragon It worries more, but has been convinced that “in the coming weeks” they can be brought under control.

“I make an explicit appeal to the public to follow the recommendations of the health authorities and not be afraid of the virus, but not lose respect for it, because it is still there and you have to live with it,” he warned.