Coronavirus: Madrid will distrust ten health zones as of Monday

The Madrid’s community will raise from next Monday the mobility restrictions in ten basic health zones, which present a 50% decrease or more in the fourteen-day cumulative incidence of cases of coronavirus and a marked downward trend.

This was confirmed this Friday by the Deputy Minister of Public Health and the Covid-19 Plan, Antonio Zapatero, and the General Director of Public Health, Elena Andradas.

Is easing of restrictions affect the basic health areas of Brújula (Torrejón de Ardoz), El Espinillo (Villaverde), Guadarrama (Guadarrama), Las Fronteras (Torrejón de Ardoz), Peña Prieta (Puente de Vallecas), Rafael Alberti (Puente de Vallecas), San Andrés (Villaverde), San Blas (Parla), San Cristóbal (Villaverde) and Villarejo (Moratalaz).

The population that will be excluded from the restrictions around the 2% of the Community of Madrid.

No news from the December bridge

The deputy minister of Public Health of the Community of Madrid, Antonio Zapatero, has also explained that the Madrid executive has not yet taken no decision on perimeter closure of the region facing the Constitution bridge, as well as a possible relaxation of the measures in Christmas.

Depending on how the indicators are evolving epidemiological in the region, the measures to be adopted will be considered, such as a possible relaxation of the restrictions at Christmas.

“We would all love for Christmas to be as normal as possible but there is a month and ten days left and we go week by week as the indicators are and on that we will decide,” defends Zapatero.

Remember that the incidence rate accumulated in the Community of Madrid continues a downward trend, with 326 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants.