Coquelin: ‘It was a fairy tale’

Francis Coquelin, player of the Villarreal, assured that winning by Manchester United in a final it is “incredible” and that the Europa League it has been “like a fairy tale”.

The Villarreal won in the penalty shootout at Manchester United to achieve his first European title. “It was a very tough competition and playing against him Manchester United, a great team, we knew it was going to be complicated. We can’t get into the Champions League through the league, so getting it by winning the title is something special, plus it’s the first trophy for the team, “he said. Coquelin to BT Sport.

“It’s a great way to end the season. We had a tough game, they put a lot of pressure on us and we had to endure, especially in the second half. Penalties are a lottery, but we managed to win.”

“The tournament has been a fairy tale. Beating them in the final is incredible. We are going to try to celebrate it because it has been something incredible for the club. The president could not be here so I hope he enjoyed it in front of television” added Coquelin.