Controversy over this video of Maxi López with his girlfriend: ‘Impresentable’

Maxi lopez It has become, in the last hours, the target of all criticism on social networks. The former player of FC Barcelona He has received hundreds of messages for his attitude in the last video he shared with Daniela christiansson, his girlfriend.

The ex-footballer wanted to take advantage of a “Sunday without football” to make a joke that has become very fashionable in recent months. It is a magic ‘trick’ with which you make an egg disappear inside a bottle and, when your companion sees where it has gone, you squeeze hard so that the water comes out and his face gets wet. Furthermore, some, as in the case of MaxiThey take the opportunity to break the egg on the head of their companion.

Well, as you can see in the images that the Argentine himself has shared, he made this practical joke on his girlfriend. And from the looks of it, although she took it as a joke, her followers have not been amused.

Since he shared the video, many of the former forward’s fans have harshly criticized him for social media. However, there are also those who defend that it is only a joke and that, as you can see, the young woman does not take it the wrong way.