Controversy over Paz Padilla’s request about the covid-19 vaccine: ‘I’m very afraid’

Paz Padilla She is one of those presenters who every time she speaks, she raises the bread. On many occasions, the followers of ‘Save me’Comment on some of the words that the woman from Cádiz utters in the magazine of Telecinco. And with what was said this past Friday there was no exception.

In the Mediaset space they did not hesitate to comment on the fact that the Infantas were vaccinated against the coronavirus on a visit to his father, King Don Juan Carlos, in Abu Dhabi.

In this line, and speaking about vaccination, the presenter of Telecinco believes that television workers should be considered a “priority group”. “We work without masks. We are the only workers, I do not know anyone, even dentists wear two masks, “he said in full direct.

To the plea was added Belén Esteban, who did not hesitate to say that “we deserve it. We pay Social Security, we pay taxes, a little faster, but here in Mediaset, as in many companies, many people enter ”.

Belén Esteban, in ‘Save me’

About the procedure they follow in Mediaset, Padilla He said that “I am ready to record and I have my mask, but of course, when I have to record I have to take it off. My question is, how many professionals work without a mask? I believe that we are the only ones … I am very afraid, I cannot refuse to take off my mask ”.

These statements did not fall on deaf ears among the followers of the program, who did not hesitate to comment on what they thought of what the woman from Cádiz had demanded. “Come on, fuck off, girl. If you feel unprotected, put on the mask, that you are still doing us a favor ”, assured a spectator.