Controversy in the US by an institute that retouched the photos of the school yearbook to eliminate necklines

Parents of a group of high school students at a high school in Florida (USA) have demanded an apology from the school after the photos of the school yearbook were edited to cover the necklines of the students.

As reported by the CBS chain, employees of the Bartram Trail High School, in the town of St. John, ordered that more than 80 snapshots in their 2021 yearbook because they were “inappropriate.”

All the retouched images corresponded to female students, and the school is receiving accusations of sexism, because photos of male students in competition swimsuits have not been modified.

The families have released the photos in which it is seen how the necklines have been covered, even in cases in which you barely see the beginning of the same.

The ninth grade student Riley O’Keefe stated that she was stunned when she saw that her outfit had been altered in the print edition of the yearbook, especially since it had been approved by the school before her photo was taken.

Another one of the retouched photos.

O’Keefe’s mother, Stephanie, stated: “Yesterday he wore the same shirt again, so after class, we went to the institute and asked if it was within the dress code, and they said yes”.

“So my next question was: if the shirt falls under the dress code and is good enough for the school and your school ID, Why is it not enough for the yearbook?“declared the woman.

Other students say the school has left them feeling “sexualized”, claiming that the outfits they wore were not inappropriate in any way. “I felt safe that day and looked good, with the dress code,” said student Zoe Iannone. “When I sent it to my mother and we all saw it, I felt very sexualized. “

The school has reportedly told parents that they can request a refund if they are unhappy with the yearbook. But an angry mother says that getting her money back is not enough. “Our daughters deserve an apology”, he claimed. “They make them feel ashamed for who they are,” he said.