Controversy in the ‘Pasapalabra’ special: everyone says the same

After the controversy in which ‘Pass word’Last week, this Sunday Antena 3 celebrated the 20th anniversary of the contest with a special edition. The program was presented by Roberto Real and it had several guests who have already become part of the history of the legendary format, previously broadcast on Telecinco.

The program featured, for example, Orestes Barbero Y Rafael Castano, mythical contestants of ‘Pasapalabra’ who this Sunday faced each other in a final donut for a 100,000 euro jackpot. Fernando Romay Y Remedios Cervantes they were also present as guests. But, in addition, some of its presenters returned to the contest.

Former contestants Orestes Barbero and Rafael Castaño in the ‘Pasapalabra’ special.

It is the case of Silvia Jato. The journalist, who became the first presenter of ‘Pasapalabra’, was in charge of almost 1,200 editions of the veteran contest. He also visited the special program Jaime Cantizano, who presented the contest 58 times but gave the highest jackpot in the history of ‘Pasapalabras’, a prize of 2,190,000 euros.

The journalist Silvia Jato, former presenter of 'Pasapalabra'.
The journalist Silvia Jato, former presenter of ‘Pasapalabra’.

However, a very important person was missing in the trajectory of the contest: Christian Galvez, the most veteran presenter of the format with almost 3,300 programs presented on Telecinco, a direct competition from Antena 3. Gálvez is still in the Mediaset universe and was not in the special that Atresmedia dedicated to ‘Pasapalabra’, a very notable absence that fans of the contest criticized on social networks.

“Missing Christian Gálvez”

“You have cut off the beautiful part of the 20th anniversary. And you have enhanced the abominable part: the war. Forget a Christian Gálvez, no matter how much you have had disputes between chains for the program is very ugly”Wrote a user on Twitter. “What a pity that Christian Gálvez is not here, pity about the exclusive contracts “,”missing Christian Gálvez“Or” 20 years of ‘Pasapalabra’, 18 of them on Telecinco, more than 3,000 programs presented by Christian Gálvez, not a mention in the special Antena 3 ”are other comments that Internet users posted on the aforementioned social network.