Controversial words from Pepe Mel | ‘In the end, Pablo Iglesias will be right; There is no freedom of expression’

Very angry i was Pepe Mel after the bulky defeat of The palms against Castellón (4-0). The arbitration of Rafael López Sánchez The coach of the Canarian team did not like anything and expressed it after the meeting. He whistled a penalty in his very rigorous judgment and took excessive cards, including a red for a double yellow to Araujo.

“Today I do not qualify because they are going to sanction me. In the end you will be right Pablo Iglesias; There is no freedom of expression. I’d rather not talk. We went to half-time with five cards and the referee threatens me, restrains me. It’s a difficult game to explain without getting into puddles, “he said.

And he added that “every time we blow like the wolf of the three little pigs, it is a penalty. In Almeria they gave us a penalty like today. They annulled us a legal goal, that later the referee in the airport confirmed it to us ”.

Mel He also said that “this has me rotten because in a normal game, without strange circumstances, we would have had intensity. But we didn’t have it because, every time we put our leg in, it was yellow. This is very complicated ”.

Finally, he pointed out that “we should have been much more serious here and the referee to whistle what comes out of his balls. The Castellon he must have had more problems to beat us, with and without a referee.