Controversial ‘tweet’ by Abascal attacking the ‘progressive left’ after the assault on the Capitol

Supporters of the former president Donald trump they have broken into the Capitol
from Washington this Wednesday, tearing down four layers of security fences and thus managing to enter the building. The reactions of Spanish politicians to this event have not been long in coming. Among them that of Santiago Abascal, which has had a great impact on social networks.

“It surprises me that the progressive left finds the assault on the Capitol so bad. Here we have a vice president calling to storm Congress. Here we have a Generalitat governed by those who assaulted the Catalan Parliament ”, the leader of VOX.

Abascal He insisted that “perhaps what bothers the communists and socialists is that in other countries the left have lost their monopoly on violence.” “We have always condemned it, wherever it comes from. And even today we suffer it daily, instigated by the government and its satellites, “he added.

“That said, the situation in the US has been extremely serious for months. Although most of the media have not reported this for months, the country has been terribly divided, and that is tragic news for democracy and freedom in everything. the world, “he said.

“I hope that order is restored that should never have been disturbed in this way. Now we enter uncharted territory. The left has been dynamiting institutions for years, controlling the media, and supporting violence throughout the West. We all suffer the consequences ”, he declared. Abascal.