Controversial gesture by Medvedev in his match against Alcaraz

Russian Daniil Medvedev it hardly celebrates the victories. He doesn’t flinch when he wins a trophy. However, his blood boils when he gets angry and anyone can pay for it: from the racket, which is closest to hand, to his French coach Gilles Cervara, who has even left the track due to the outbursts of his pupil, or the public, if he considers that he has encouraged his rival more.

The Muscovite, 25 years old and world number two, already had them with the fans of the US Open in 2019. During a match against Feliciano lopez
, he was rude to a ball boy and openly challenged the fans by encouraging them to continue with their boos. To his fuss he joined a gesture that is beginning to be a house brand: putting a finger to his ear as if he wanted to hear more noise from the stands, against it.

“I want you to know when you go to sleep tonight that I have won because of you. The energy that you have adored me. The more you do, the more I will win ”, he addressed the crowd after winning the match. He later reached the final, which he lost to Rafa Nadal.

His career has grown since then. Finalist of the Australian Open, he has just won the ATP on grass in Mallorca. He is one of the aspirants to overthrow Novak Djokovic.

However, they have had them again with the fans. This time it was up to the followers of the All England Club Track 1, who wanted to continually reward the effort and quality of an 18-year-old boy as Carlos Alcaraz placeholder image, which helps to positively ignite the public because they do not pay attention to celebrations to instill support.

Medvedev did not like him much, who also got angry for giving up a ‘break’ advantage when he served for the first set. The fans pushed the Spanish. And the Russian was vindictive. When he won the sleeve 6-4 he put his finger to his ear several times, as he did not hear the cheers of those present.

A gesture that he made several times, challenging an audience that was more restrained than that of New York, as is usually traditional. It was enough considering that nothing out of the ordinary had happened. The eccentricities of the unpredictable Daniil Medvedev.