Conte explodes against the directive: ‘I have seen free attacks against the team and against me’

Inter Milan have finished Serie A in second position, a milestone celebrated by the club. However, Antonio Conte did not like the fact that the board applauds the end of the ‘neroazzurri’ season and did not hesitate to point out the little support received this course.

“I have seen free attacks on the team and on myself. And I’ve seen little protection from the club. So these 82 points are deserved by the players and me. This is mine, of the staff and of the footballers ”, he indicated after the match against Atalanta, which certified the second place on the Interista side.

“We should talk to the president, who is in China … I do not like those who get on the car, in the car you have to be right and wrong. Unfortunately, this at Inter has not happened, “he added.

Conte has finished off by assuring that “someone gets on the car but the mountain of shit has fallen on me and on the players … Each one has looked for his parcel, without protecting me or the footballers.”