Contagions soar to 1,100 a day, the highest number since May 2

The numbers of infections by coronavitus continue to rise. Spain exceeds a thousand infections in one day, with 1,153. It is the highest figure recorded by the Ministry of Health since May 2, when the country was still in full alarm.

However, now we are in the middle of summer and –as stated Fernando Simón last Monday – infections are not being homogeneous throughout the territory during this stage of the pandemic. The incidence of the virus is very uneven depending on the area due to population movements: neither the contagions occur at the same time, nor is the incidence the same.

Lleida and six other municipalities in the province –including the region of El Segrià– began their discontent after two weeks complying with some of the country’s biggest restrictions; while, in Aragon – where contagions do not give truce – the focus is once again on the residences: 112 cases have already been detected and two have died in 45 centers of autonomy.

Catalonia and Aragon lead the way

The health managers of the different administrations watch with expectation the evolution of the outbreaks located in Catalonia and Aragon. Both communities have launched plans against Covid-19 that flee from restrictive confinement due to more flexible measures that allow economic activity to continue, although some sectors, such as leisure and restaurants, are more affected.

If these plans make it possible to stop infections, even if it is slower than strict confinements, it would be the formula to be followed by the rest of Spain.

This has been indicated to this newspaper by experts in public health from the autonomous administration who hope that the results of this laboratory that Zaragoza and Barcelona and their metropolitan area have become will be appreciated as early as next week. To this day, they estimate that there are reasons for optimism in the case of Greater Barcelona, ​​where the cases appear to be stabilized and in Lleida, to the downside.

In Catalonia, the Government has relaxed mobility restrictions in Lleida and six municipalities in the province. According to the Minister of Health, Alba Vergés, the measures “work” and certify a “decreasing trend” despite the fact that “the pressure of healthcare centers is very high”, as there are still 189 hospitalized in the Lleida health region.

There, from today, bars and restaurants will be able to open their terraces to 50%, with a separation of 2 meters between tables and closing at midnight; and shops, sports and cultural facilities will also be able to follow 50% of the capacity. In the entire community, the Catalan Health Department registered 8 new deceased and 969 infections, of which 239 correspond to Barcelona capital