Contagions in Spain multiply by eight after the end of the state of alarm

The coronavirus pandemic continues to yield data on worrisome infections. Since the state of alarm was terminated, infections due to this disease have multiplied by eight, which has forced several communities in Spain to be alerted.

On June 20, when the main restrictions on mobility and socioeconomic activities were lifted, 334 new infections were detected. Forty days after the end of the state of alarm, the cases diagnosed between July 29 and 30 last were 2,789, eight times more.

Salvador Illa, Minister of Health, uses a phrase from his Italian counterpart, Roberto Speranza, to explain the current situation: “We have left the storm behind, but we have not yet reached a safe harbor.”

As the scientific community strives to find a vaccine, the number of those infected continues to grow not only in Spain but also throughout the world. The World Health Organization has warned this weekend that the pandemic will likely be “very long.”

So far, Covid-19 has killed more than 680,000 people worldwide and infected more than 17.6 million.

While, in Spain, more countries impose restrictions to travel to our territory. Belgium has banned trips to Navarra, Aragon, Barcelona and Lleida due to outbreaks.

According to the Ministry of Health, the total figures are: 288,522 cases of coronavirus diagnosed by PCR; 28,445 dead with positive test as of July 31

79,324 in Catalonia (5,686 dead)

76,145 in Madrid (8,453 dead)

20,310 in Castilla y León (2,798 dead)

18,743 in Castilla-La Mancha (3,032 dead)

16,149 in the Basque Country (1,566 dead)

15,107 in Andalusia (1,435 dead)

13,318 in the Valencian Community (1,436 dead)

12,685 Aragon (915 dead)

9,717 in Galicia (619 dead)

6,666 in Navarra (529 dead)

4,200 in La Rioja (366 dead)

3,373 in Extremadura (520 dead)

2,631 in the Canary Islands (162 dead)

2,545 in the Balearic Islands (224 dead)

2,516 in Asturias (334 dead)

2,469 in Cantabria (217 dead)

2,326 in Murcia (148 dead)

166 in Ceuta (4 dead)

132 in Melilla (2 dead)