Confidential box: The naked reality about Valentino Rossi


When Rossi does not let see the forest. I usually take part in gatherings about the World Cup on some television channels in Italy. Again and again, a thousand times, the question about what happens to Valentino Rossi and when do I think he will regain the competitiveness that he now lacks is repeated; and again. Not only in the messages sent by the viewers but especially among my fellow chat rooms. The vast majority of motorcyclist Italy are so devoted to Rossi that they see no further than Valentino. They ignore, rather, they are reluctant to process that eleven years have passed since he won his last world title and four of his last GP victory. Italy awaits the return of that Valentino without accepting that that past will not return and without realizing the brilliant present that they have in front of them. A present in the form of a Franco Morbidelli that only one of the 7,000 million inhabitants in the world managed to win last year; a present in the form of Pecco Bagnaia, probably the most brilliant champion in Moto2 history and pole yesterday here in Jerez; a present in the form of a rookie Enea Bastianini. Yes, Rossi is also present, but he is a past present; the others, those who qualified first and fourth in Jerez yesterday, are present in the future.


MotoE, against the wind and prejudices. MotoE is in the World Championship what the sister belittled in the Cinderella story. Nicola Goubert, head of MotoE at the DORNA World Championship, admits that fighting against the prejudices of electric motorcycles has not been either easy or tasteful. “People in general are reluctant to change, and especially in this world,” the French engineer, formerly Michelin’s head of GGPP, explained to us yesterday. But with everything MotoE enters its third year of life in 2021. Jerez will be the first of seven “noiseless races” to be held on six circuits. Like everything that surrounds us, the COVID pandemic has put a brake on the development of a category in a growth phase, but even so MotoE has been taking its steps forward. The technology of the chargers is infinitely more efficient than three years ago, it has been implemented to lower the temperature of the batteries with dry ice if necessary, the distance of the races has been increased … “We are doing things, yes, but there are no references. Nobody knows where we will be in five years. ” Goubert confesses that it is still too early for the brands present in MotoGP to get involved. “They will do it when the costs are interesting for large productions. From 1990 to here the cost of batteries has dropped by 87%, but it is still not enough. They already have the technology, years ago. Honda raced on the Isle of Man on a motorcycle made by Mugen Honda. A motorcycle with which they completed the 60 kilometers of the circuit at an average of 220 km / h! ”… The Japanese factory spent more than 4 million euros on this project, now stored in a warehouse.


The arrival of Saudi Arabia. The explicit landing of Saudi Arabia -read ARAMCO-in the World Championship by the hand of the future Team VR46 of MotoGP, is more than the first chapter “in the open” of the pulse that the country governed by the House of Saúd maintains with the Emirate of Qatar. The lack of harmony between the two nations is radical and has generated in recent years not a few very serious geopolitical confrontations. The GGPPs have not escaped these differences. Without going any further, the television rights of the World Cup for the area generated a bid between the two countries last year, when the Saudis wanted to take them to the detriment of the Qataris. They ended up taking the latter, not without paying a good amount for them. Another focus of friction can be foreseen in the exclusivity to organize GGPP in the Middle East that Qatar has signed with DORNA until 2031. How does this match with the multi-million dollar investment that ARAMCO is going to make in MotoGP? It’s hard to imagine that a sponsorship of around 15 million a year is not backed by a race in Saudi Arabia, at the new super motor complex being built there. Surely the pulse between the two Arab countries will make rivers of ink flow … at the same time