Confidential box: Marini’s father’s doubts about Rossi’s shadow

Losail’s new electronic whistleblowers.

MotoGP releases technology this weekend. It does so in the form of new sensors that will detect when a motorcycle steps on asphalt “not allowed”. That is to say, the green painted escape zones in some circuits that generated enormous controversy last year due to the difference in the application of the regulation, which in some cases resulted in indefensible comparative grievances. By very similar actions, the FIM MotoGP Stewards Panel he judged very differently. To put an end to interpretations, DORNA it has resorted to ‘technology independence’. “The system has pressure sensors located on the outside of the pianos that will allow us to detect very precisely when a rider has exceeded the limits of the track. The sensors immediately generate a signal. In the past we had to review the images and judge the action, now it is ‘in or out’, very precise. The rule is maintained, after three runs off the track a warning is given to the pilot, except that now only one wheel on the green is ‘out’, before it was necessary to have two. “

Pilots and the Peter Pan syndrome variant

Valentino Rossi declared a few days ago that during confinement he felt alone, that he missed being the center of attention of the people around him; Sete Gibernau admitted in a recent interview that his retirement was a mistake and that “fortunately, I regained my positivity and started running again”; after just a few months retired Andrea Dovizioso does not hide that “for me it is important to be on a MotoGP”; And what to say about Jorge Lorenzo, who stressed in his retirement starting a new life that seems to have run out very quickly… Yes it is very difficult for the pilots. When they leave it, they assure that they are closing a chapter of their life to start another that will free them from the pressure that was their day to day as children and from the sacrifices that being a professional pilot requires. But the reality is that in most cases this long-awaited “perfect world” it disappears. And it is that with rare exceptions, the majority find it very difficult to move to the “Civil life”. Accustomed to living with continuous adrenaline rush, flashes and spotlights, after the honeymoon with their new life, the withdrawal syndrome suddenly appears.

A father in the shadow of Valentino

“We had decided to breed him differently. Put study before everything. And then many sports: skiing in winter, sailing in summer, football school, swimming and tennis, cycling. He was good at everything. But when I was 10 years old, he looked at me and said, “I would like to be the fastest driver in the world.” Who speaks is Massimo Marini, the father of Luca Marini, the brother of Valentino Rossi. Psychologist specialized in child and adolescent psychotherapy, Massimo acknowledges that at first he was very concerned with the influence that the figure of Valentino could have on his stepbrother. “At that time his brother was the most famous Italian in the world after the Pope. Stefania [madre de Valentino y Luca] and I wondered if I could grow up healthy and happy; there was a risk that would condition his personality and frustration ”. It is true that both brothers are the night and the day. Open, likeable, adored and outgoing in the case of Rossi; reserved, serious, discreet and distant in that of Luca. But despite the long shadow of living next to Valentino, next Sunday night Luca will make his MotoGP debut, facing his brother among others. Your parent recognizes the emotion. “He has been able to achieve what he wanted, and only with his own strength,” denying that having been her brother gave her any advantage. I suppose there is a lot of father in this statement.