Confidential box: Dani Pedrosa’s return to racing?

THE NEWS – The return of Dani Pedrosa?

I don’t like putting questions in the headlines because we are supposed to be here to give answers, but this time I make an exception. “You can feel that little by little there is an option with Dani. He hasn’t said yes, and he can’t be pressured, but I feel like as soon as he saw next year’s bike he showed interest in doing a wildcard for us. There is some truth to it, but Dani is not engaged yet and it is a very fragile discussion. “ Who speaks is Pit Beirer, head of everything that has to do with KTM competition. “We don’t have a timetable for it, but we definitely have a great interest in getting this bike out in a race to see where we are for next year. It is always in races where you see the best of a motorcycle. Austria could be an option. We cannot thank Dani enough for what she has done for us. If you’re open to a career, we’ll jump in. We don’t want to do it to have a race result. Dani doesn’t have to prove anything, because he left his career in peace, happy and almost healthy, but the next bike has everything he likes. “

KTM PHILOSOPHY – Someone realized how much MotoGP owes KTM!

What do Fabio Quartaro, Johann Zarco and Jorge Martín, the three drivers who took the podium at the last Doha GP, have in common? In addition to being incredibly talented pilots, who all three are products of the Red Bull Rookies Cup, the promotional cup that the two Austrian companies created back in 2007. Zarco was their first winner and since then they have passed Quartararo, Martín, Joan Mir, Brad Binder and Miguel Oliveira, all of them now MotoGP riders. But the sensation of this Moto2 season is also the fruit of that cup, the from Madrid Raúl Fernández, or the new ‘Enfant terrible’ of Moto3, Pedro Acosta. They are just some of the former Rookies that populate the grills of the three World Cup categories. And the factory continues to produce pilots. We asked Pit Beirer if they did not feel a bit quixotic training riders who later win with other brands, such as Joan Mir in Suzuki, Quartararo in Yamaha or Johann Zarco in Ducati. “No, on the contrary, we are proud. The spirit of our company is to make it easier for those who do not have resources to access the competition. For us it is a satisfaction to meet riders from the brands competing against us who we have trained in the paddock and to greet us as riders. “

ENGINEERING MODE – Dall’Igna, the highest expression of an engineer

The best way to define the head of the Ducati’s Corse cast is that he’s an engineer. Keeping this in mind, it is very easy to explain certain things that are thrown at him, such as his stubbornness, his not listening to anyone, his selfishness, his lack of empathy … It sounds like the description of arrogant, arrogant person and unsociable , but not. Because they basically correspond to the description of an engineer taken to his maximum expression. My relationship with Dall’Igna allowed me one day to ask him if that was really the case. “No it’s not true. Yes, I listen to people, but of course, I listen to those who are worth being heard. And sometimes I also change my mind, but yes, when I’m convinced of something I go to the end; I did not stay in the middle “, he answered me with the greatest naturalness. The latest example of its rationality is the driver lineup for this year. Tired of Ducati’s results being valued based on the performance of Andrea Dovizioso, for 2021 has chosen pilots with styles as diverse asRadical Jack Miller, to ‘Jorge Lorenzo’ Pecco Bagnaia or Zarco, halfway between the two: with them he has pilots for each type of circuit; he is no longer hostage to anyone. And it is that Dall’Igna, as a good engineer, analyzes, processes and makes the most rational decision.