Condemns the proposal for a European Super League

The Espanyol rejects the creation of a European Super League and seconded the position transferred by LaLiga and UEFA in the last hours, of absolute rejection of the new proposal from a group of clubs.

Espanyol has issued a statement this Monday in which it sets out its position of total rejection of the Super League, which we reproduce below:

“RCD Espanyol joins the statement issued by UEFA and LaLiga and strongly condemns the announced proposal for the creation of a secessionist and elitist European competition, which attacks the principles of open competitiveness and sporting merit that occupy the deepest part of the national and European football ecosystem.

Today, football fans across Europe can dream of your Club, whatever its size, can stand out in a competition, reach the top, and compete at the top of European football.

LaLiga defends this European football tradition of football for everyone. The concept proposed by 12 European clubs destroy that dream, closing the door to the top of European football and allowing the entry of only a few to an elite.

LaLiga has a proud 90-year history as an open, merit-based competition. Millions of fans around the world are fans of the 42 LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank clubs. The success of our competitions has contributed to football becomes a key factor in the Spanish economy, representing almost 1.4% of GDP and employing almost 200,000 people.

The new European competition proposal is nothing more than a selfish approach, designed to further enrich the wealthiest. It will undermine the appeal of the whole game and it will have a profoundly damaging impact on the immediate future of LaLiga, the clubs that comprise it and the entire football ecosystem.

What’s more, it will also impact the rest of the sports to which, in the current season, LaLiga contributes more than 126 million euros since it endangers the system of contributions approved in the Pact of Viana.

We will use all the tools at our disposal and we will work with all parties involved to defend the integrity and future of Spanish football in the best interest of the game ”.