Collins’ tremendous’ split ‘against Djokovic

Novak Djokovic, number one in the world of tennis, believes that the season, which was interrupted on March 12 due to the global health crisis in coronavirus, will resume in early September in Europe rather than the United States in August, ensuring that the expected health conditions for the United States Open are “extreme.” All this, after having shown against the strong security measures that the USTA at the US Open, just allowing each player to travel with a member of the technical team, something that did not like at all Novak and reason why many critics have rained to him.

The resumption of the competition is still in doubt after the possible Zoom union held yesterday between ATP, WTA, Us Open and up to 400 tennis players, in which many players were against the measures that the USTA wants to establish in the New York tournament. However, it does not appear to be against number 51 from the world of WTA, Danielle Collins, who wrote a direct message to Novak on social networks reproaching him that his ideas could be very negative for circuit players who need to get money after many months without being able to do so in the absence of competition.

Collins’ message to Djokovic

“Novak, this is a serious contradiction to your previous comments about the top-100 players having to donate to others in the top-250. No one has been able to play scoring events or earn money since February. Now we have an unbeatable opportunity, with the Us Open telling us that they intend to go forward with the tournament dispute, knowing that health comes first and that there will be very strict precautionary measures to guarantee the safety of the players.

This is an incredible opportunity for players to start earning money again, and yet we have world number one saying that traveling with just one person would be very difficult because you are unable to do so without having to take the entire team. If it is safe to play, and the USTA, WTA, and ATP do their best to ensure the health of all players as a most important measure, I think we should support that.

It’s easy for a player who has made around $ 150 million during his career to tell others what to do with his money, but he still refuses to play the Us Open. For most tennis players who do not travel with an entire team, it is necessary to earn money again soon. It would be a good thing if the best player in the world supported this initiative and not ruined it for both fans and players. ”