Coke: ‘The Cup final is a dream’

The defender Coke
Andújar admitted this Wednesday that he could play the final of the Cup
King and winning it is an illusion and a dream that he has, although he stressed that with the I raised has played more important matches than tomorrow’s against him Athletic

“In this club we have played much more important games at an economic or survival level, such as Girona,” he told EFE, referring to the game played in the League in 2019 and which meant remaining in the First Division.

Coke, who lost the 2016 Copa del Rey final to Sevilla, added that tomorrow’s semifinal return is emotionally because it is something he did not expect. “Placing yourself in a semifinal and with serious options to reach the final is a dream, although it is not the first thing you think of,” he said.

The Vallecano defender confessed that he has already told his teammates “a few battles” about his experience in such important matches and explained that he believes it will be a “tight” match and that the winner will not do so “by more than one goal difference. ”.

“As in all matches, every detail matters, but now you are playing for a final, with the repercussion, the pressure or the hype that the match entails. Any aspect, be it emotional or game, has much more value ”, he declared.

“What can influence is that they have already played games for a title with big teams and they have taken them forward. That can help them, they knew how to play, endure well, but we have to win playing football and pull other things when we are suffering ”, he remarked.

See Paco López as the leader of this team

Coke explained that the fact of playing the second leg in Valencia plays in his favor and pointed out that coach Paco López is “the main architect” of the evolution of Levante.

“He is the one who commands the sport. He caught the team in a very complicated situation, with a very screwed up dressing room because he didn’t see the way to win and he is taking little steps in the First Division. We are in a very good position in the League and now we have this illusion for everyone, “he said.

In addition, Coke, who is one of the captains of the team, confessed that he has been impregnated with Levantine sentiment. “The one who belongs to Levante is like he belongs to him, he is inherited and nobody touches him,” said the defender, who assured that the honorary president of the club, Paco Fenollosa, deserves to enjoy the final.