Coca-Cola encourages to celebrate goals responsibly in bars, new stadiums

Despite the impossibility of being present on the field to enjoy victory or cheer on their players, soccer fans have more than 240,000 spaces (hospitality establishments) where they can meet and unleash their passion in this final competition.

And, although the stadiums remain closed to fans, the bars, which have traditionally been closely linked to the social phenomenon of football, collect the baton from the playing fields to welcome fans and enjoy the end of the championship, always keeping the distances established by health protocols.

Thus, Coca-Cola European Partners promotes, through its support platform for the Bartalent Lab hospitality and together with the clubs with which it collaborates, the initiative ‘Bars are the new stadiums’, a series of videos in which he values ​​the renewed role of hospitality establishments as places to follow and live football, and invites to celebrate goals in a safe and responsible manner.

In these audiovisual pieces these new ways of celebrating a goal are shown, among which are “codotoko”, to celebrate with elbows and feet; “Step back”, to celebrate with a greater distance; “Achís by the square”, with elbow and lateral arm raised; doing “the Indian”; or the “dance of the pío pío”.

Also, Bartalent Lab invites bars to propose their new forms of celebration. Among all the proposals, the best four will be chosen, who will receive a framed shirt signed by the team’s team of their choice.

37 clubs have joined this initiative, which will take place during the month of July. Specifically, in Catalonia, they collaborate FC Barcelona, ​​RCD Espanyol and Girona FC. Over the next few weeks, these clubs will invite fans to continue cheering them on from the bars and recommending safe ways to celebrate.

The dance of the Pío pío

Playing the Indian


Achís by the squad

One step back