CNN: Members of Trump’s cabinet study disbaring him due to disability

Latest news from CNN on Donald Trump. Some members of the president’s cabinet and some legislators are studying the possibility of invoking the 25th amendment to the Constitution alleging their inability to serve in office and transferring the functions of president to the vice president, Mike pence, despite the fact that he only has two weeks left in office.

According to CNN, several members of the government cabinet are discussing the possibility of invoking Amendment 25 to force the immediate exit of TrumpAlthough there are broad doubts as to whether this process contemplated by the Constitution would prosper or whether it is advisable at this time.

The US Constitution contemplates the possibility that the vice president and a majority of cabinet ministers (department secretaries) transmit a written declaration in which they declare the inability of the president to carry out his functions without any vote and for power to be transferred immediately to the vice president, in this case Mike pence.

If the president was against it and there was no agreement, Congress would settle the differences.

A group of 17 Democrats, members of the House Judiciary Committee, have sent a letter to Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment, as they believe that Trump has incited the crowd of supporters gathered in Washington on Wednesday to assault the Capitol by force.

Trump harangued his followers and reiterated that they had stolen the November elections with a fraud, of which there is no evidence. Shortly afterwards, hundreds of people forcibly stormed the Legislative headquarters, where this afternoon the presidential electoral victory of Democrat Joe Biden was to be certified.

After that step, which is normally a smooth process, Biden should inaugurate his term in a public ceremony on the steps of the Capitol on January 20.

According to the letter from the legislators, “Trump is not mentally stable and is unable to accept the results of the elections” and is willing to incite violent revolts to prevent the outcome of the November elections from being certified.

According to Vanity Fair, White House legal adviser Pat Cipollone has advised members of Trump’s team to keep their distance from the president, as they risk being charged with treason under the sedition law, which provides harsh penalties for jail.

Several lawmakers, including the president of the Senate, Republican Mitch McConell, have called the assault on the Capitol an act of insurrection, in which a woman supporter of Trump was killed.