Clemente, on the ‘Cala-Diakhaby case’: ‘It seems a bit silly to me’

The controversy behind the alleged racist incident carried out by Juan Cala and Diakhaby last Sunday during the Cádiz-Valencia it continues to bring a queue.

The French footballer left the pitch in outrage after, according to him, receive a racist insult (“black shit”) by the cadista defender, who has denied these allegations.

While the League investigates the audios of that moment, numerous personalities of our football have expressed their opinion on the subject.

It is the case of Javier Clemente, who downplayed the incident in an interview on the Radio Marca program ‘A Diario’.

Just like Cala has said a racist phrase, but it is not. The one who calls you that calls you to annoy you, not because he thinks so. They called us murderers, ETA members, shitty Basques … All with the aim of bothering you so that you lose the game. I would not have left the field. It is a blunt way to cut things, but there are so many things to cut that it seems a bit silly, “said the former Spanish coach.

Of course for Diakhaby it is an ugly thing. I have trained in Africa for five years and once we have said something to a black man and they call you a fucking white man. And are they racist? Well no, it’s bullshit”Continued Clemente, who made the following reflection.

“Now on the subject of racism it is very easy. And the children who arrive by boat? And Italy that does not welcome those arriving from Africa? What are happening in the United States and what did not happen here in Melilla with those fences? And is FIFA going to play Qatar against a country where 6,000 have died in the construction of stadiums and are all black? And here in Spain that we have Vox, who says outside with immigration and that they all go to hell out there? Why don’t we all judge racism in general?”He concluded.