Claver: ‘Higgins is special and makes a difference’

The players of the Barça they lived with tension and in the end euphoria the final action of Higgins that gave the victory. Leandro
Bolmaro, one of the highlights in minutes on the track, explained that “in the end he suffered like crazy, it is a feeling that cannot be explained.” Victor Claver dared to joke. “My assistance has been the most important thing,” he said with a laugh, adding that Higgins “is a special player who makes a difference; That’s what he’s here for, those balls, and he also enjoys it ”.

Bolmaro stressed the importance of the outcome over technical analysis. “It was incredible. The important thing was the victory, I tried to help in everything. We have one more step to win, “said the Argentine. The young point guard, yes, analyzed the causes of the team’s downturn in the third quarter. “We lost concentration a bit, we entered badly after the first half and they began to score. But we also knew how to raise the game together ”, he stressed.

Bolmaro defending Shields. (Marius Becker / dpa via AP)

In order to Claver, the triumph had a special significance. “It means a lot to reach the final,” said the Valencia forward. “We have seen what it costs. This is decided in the final moments. We have known how to suffer and have a cold mind. Without making the best game we have managed to go to the final and that is the important thing, ”he said.

Already focused on the analysis of the final, Claver He declared that the difficulties were going to be maximum: “Efes is a very fit team, the best. He has a lot of scoring ability. We are going to have to make an extra effort or more and above all be calm and think that this is won immediately. We have a very important opportunity and we have to go for it ”.

Mirotic, Barça’s top scorer with 21 points, improved significantly compared to the playoff version but, even so, he was not happy. “It was not my best game,” he said.

The Armani technician was not happy with the result either, Ettore
Messina, which, however, ended with a positive speech. “It was a very nice match for the spectator, with many changes in leadership and with great physical attitude on the part of both teams. We have suffered but competed at a higher level than in the previous two so we have improved ”, he stressed.