Clara Lago finds love again in the arms of a well-known artist

It seemed that Clara Lago and Dani Rovira they had given each other a second chance after they had both decided to spend confinement together. Nothing is further from reality, the actress and the comedian have become great friends but they have a separate love life.

According to the magazine ‘Hello!’, The Madrilenian would be excited again after having started a relationship with Jose Lucena, an attractive actor, singer and businessman. Both have been caught kissing in the streets of the capital.

In snapshots Clara Lake she appears unrecognizable as a blonde. The young woman has just returned from Argentina, where she has been filming a new film project that required this radical change of hairstyle.

Dani Rovira, related to Ana Guerra

According to the Telecinco program ‘Viva la vida’, the comedian and the singer began “a beautiful love story” last February.

The rumors go back to when the Canary Islands attended the program ‘The year of our life‘, who drives Dani. During the space, the actor was very affectionate with the young woman, something that powerfully attracted the attention of the listeners.

Dani Rovira and Ana Guerra, new surprise couple?

Recently, Dani Rovira He turned to social networks to celebrate his ‘birthday’. “Today it was just a year since I was diagnosed with cancer. It seems like a lifetime has passed, ”the Andalusian started. “Now, being fully recovered, I only have words of gratitude to those who were by my side giving me unconditional love. Life is the best gift, enjoy it ”, he declared.