City run over Everton and Agüero leaves Etihad through the front door

In the absence of the Champions League, the history of Omen in the City it could not be closed in a better way. Etihad stood up to bid farewell to one of their great legends, who only needed half an hour to score what may have been his last two goals in the club’s jersey. Brilliant way of saying goodbye, applauded in the previous one and revered later, recognition of ten years that ended in the league with an incontestable defeat against a disappointing Everton (5-0).

Guardiola opted to play almost all of his heavyweights in the last game before traveling to Porto. The Catalan coach prioritized filming at halftime, still with six days ahead of him until he faced Chelsea. And the champion of the Premier was a roller. He ran over Everton without having compassion on a team that was rushing its chances of reaching a European place. He fell short, beaten from start to finish in an Etihad wanting to see a Omen who was a substitute.

The first half was devastating, an adjective that also serves to define De Bruyne. Nobody at Everton detected the Belgian’s stride to the edge of the area, where he received a ball in advantage to beat with a powerful shot and adjusted to Pickford: 1-0. The team of Ancelotti It went from bad to worse, shaken in Manchester. A bad way out of Keane led to another book backlash, settled by Gabriel Jesus after a dribble. The 2-0 left Everton unanswered.

Just a loose play of Allan, footballer with plenty of ideas, and a shot of Richarlison. Until a recklessness of Zinchenko put to Rúben Days in a hurry. His transfer back forced the best center back in Guardiola to commit a penalty that could give life to Everton. But it was neither his afternoon nor his Sigurdsson. Specialist in these plays, he went to fail in front of a Ederson who guessed the launch. On the edge of rest, Mahrez he was able to bury his rival, but his shot crashed into the crossbar.

It was affirmed once again Foden, exquisite footballer who aims to start in the Champions League. The boy who stopped being a long time ago. In the resumption he initialed the meeting after a race of Gabriel Jesus, which was associated with Sterling before finding the pearl of Pep, always successful in the area. It was a shining City, ambitious, wanting to be charged with confidence before closing the Premier episode to focus on the most important game in its history.

Everything was at the expense of the income of Omen. The main reason people gathered back at the Etihad. The thunderous applause was the result of what 10 means to City. He went in style. Doing what you do best. The best closure for the best footballer in his history. Broke a lazy Holgate and defined Kun with the outside of the boot, as in his best days, to round off a story that wants to end the Champions League in Porto.

He could not say goodbye in a better way. It was a dream goodbye. He did not settle for one. He put the tie to the game with a superb shot with the head to an extraordinary pass from Fernandinho. Half an hour was enough to put his people in his pocket for the last time. The top scorer in the history of City went through the front door of an Etihad that was able to open its doors to 10,000 people, representatives of a devoted fans in the history of Omen in Manchester.